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Farm fresh comfort food

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“You can take the boy out of the farm
but you can’t take the farm out of the boy.”

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I grew up on a dairy farm in a small town in the Iowa countryside, where the term “farm fresh” truly earned its name. My mom would always bake me and my brothers and sisters a fresh fruity pie from scratch as long as we’d go out on the farm to pick the fruit. We’d bring back apples, mulberries, wild blackberries, rhubarb, or whatever fruit was in season, and mom would make the best darn pies you ever did taste.

Years later, when I moved to England, I discovered a different sort of pie—the pasty, a savory handheld pie that reminded me of mom’s down home cooking. So when I moved to New York, I had quite the hankering for farm fresh pasties and pies. That’s how Oggies came about—it’s my passion to bring the finest farm fresh handheld pasties and pies to the counters of America.

Jerry Brimeyer – Oggies Founder
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Our pledge for clean eating

Pie mascot Oggies

All Oggies handheld pasties and pies are handcrafted with high quality ingredients and recipes naturally designed for “clean eating.”

Oggies pasties and pies aren’t just freshly baked and full of flavor, they are made with good health and nutrition in mind.

We have taken the time to get to know where our ingredients come from and are committed to using only certified humanely raised meats, with all of our ingredients free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. These high standards all add up to the Oggies pledge for clean eating.

Oggies story

The tale of the pasty

A pasty (PASS-tee) is a baked pastry in the shape of a smile, commonly filled with meat and vegetables, making it a nutritious all-in-one meal that fits perfectly in your hand. While the exact origin of the pasty remains unclear, it is forever linked to Cornwall England, where tin mining in the 19th century made the pasty a staple meal for Cornish miners. “Oggie” is a slang term for a Cornish pasty. Back in the days when Cornwall’s mining industry was booming, it is said that bal-maidens would bake pasties and, when ready, shout down the mine shafts, “Oggie, Oggie, Oggie!” Upon hearing the call, the hungry miners would shout from the depths of the mine, “Oi, Oi, Oi!” knowing their lunch was ready to eat.
Today, at Oggies, we keep tradition alive, though our pasties are made with all sorts of nutritious savory and sweet fillings, and when our pasties are ready we shout...
Cornwall Tin Miners